Migrating Your Hopville Account: FAQ

April 29th, 2013, by Chris (Frontend Dev)

1. What is Brewtoad?

Brewtoad is a place to create, share, and discover homebrew recipes. Born from an avid brewer and refined by a passionate software company, Brewtoad aims to make the recipe creation and brewing process easier and more enjoyable.

2. When will my Hopville Account migrate to Brewtoad?

We will begin migrating Hopville data on May 6, 2013. We expect the migration to take about 24 hours. You will be automatically notified via email when your Hopville account and recipes have been migrated.

3. How do I migrate my account?

Your Hopville account will automatically be transferred to Brewtoad. You do not need to take any action.

4. How will I be able to access my account in the future?

You can access your account on brewtoad.com starting on May 6, 2013. Your Hopville username, email, and password will remain the same.

5. Will my account still be free?


6. What are the advantages of migrating my Hopville account to Brewtoad?

Brewtoad offers a state-of-the-art user interface and is supported by a professional software development company. Stay tuned for many future features and enhancements.

7. What if I have multiple Hopville accounts?

All Hopville accounts will be migrated to Brewtoad. If you previously had three accounts on Hopville, you will have three accounts on Brewtoad. All of your accounts will still exist under the previous login credentials.

8. What if I have a Brewtoad and Hopville account?

If you were on both Brewtoad and Hopville, your accounts will be merged. You’ll continue logging in to Brewtoad using your email address and password. Alternately, you’ll also now be able to use your old Hopville username in place of your email address. For more information on the account changes and password security please read our blog on Migrating Hopville Accounts.

9. When I migrate, do I keep all of the same features and items I have on my existing account?

Where possible, we have maintained all of the features from Hopville. Additionally, Brewtoad offers additional advanced features that are sure to make the homebrew recipe creation and sharing process even more enjoyable.

10. What will happen to my existing recipes?

We are taking great strides to ensure your recipes will be migrated as faithfully as possible. If you’re interested in learning how we migrated your recipes, please refer to the blog post on Migrating Homebrew Recipes.

11. Will I be able to change my email address?

Yes. You can access and change email address in your account settings.

12. Can I change my Display Name?

Yes. You can access and change the display name in your account settings.

13. Where can I go to provide any feedback about Brewtoad?

Brewtoad is under active development and we’re excited to continue rolling out new features and functionality. During this time, we are open to any feedback or suggestions you may have on how to improve the Brewtoad experience. To share an idea, ask a question, or report an issue, please email info@brewtoad.com OR click the Feedback icon on the right side of the page.

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