May 1st, 2013, by Kyle (Backend Dev)


  • Added the ability to invite users to join your groups.
  • Added filtering by type to the fermentables list.


  • Added the ability to remove members from groups you own.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the groups controller to raise a 500 instead of a 404 when attempting to view group which does not exist.
  • Fixed a bug which caused orphaned recipe clone notifications to crash the notification view.


  • Removed a few old associations from the recipe model.
  • Fixed a bug which produced orphaned notifications when </3ing a recipe.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some fields from your equipment profile from being used as defaults when creating new recipes.


  • Fixed a typo on the fermentable usage statistics page.
  • Fixed a recipe editor bug where grain weight percentages would display as “NaN%” when the amount input was blank.
  • Fixed a frontend bug where units were not displaying on some calculators.


  • Large refactor of groups frontend.


  • Added the ability to define a default style in your equipment profiles. Updated the recipe editor to default to this style for authenticated users.
  • Brew log brew dates can now be in the future.
  • Added the ability to delete groups.


  • Fixed a frontend bug in group forum where the first reply wouldn’t appear in the DOM until after the page was refreshed.
  • Added fermentable usage recommendations in the recipe editor fermentable picker.
  • Fixed a bunch of frontend issues related to text wrapping on Android devices.
  • Fixed a bug preventing digest emails from sending if they contained a forum post reply notification.
  • Fixed a bunch of frontend issues related to text wrapping on Android devices.


  • Added cascade delete of review notifications when reviews are destroyed.
  • Added ability to delete reviews.


  • Added ability to rate recipes.
  • Fixed a frontend bug related to pagination of search results when searching for recipes by name.
  • Updated recipe ranking algorithm.


  • Updated Ruby on production servers.


  • Moved notes above ingredients on recipe show view.
  • Updated recipe ranking algorithm.


  • Fixed default evaporation rate.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of a recipe’s batch size. This was widely misreported as being an issue with IBU calculation. Sorry!
  • Updated recipe ranking algorithm.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented recipe search results from updating when the filters were changed.
  • Added a ton of new hops.
  • Added yeast pitch rate calculator.
  • Lots of frontend bugfixes and cleanup.
  • Refactored hydrometer temperature correction calculator to use new BT JS framework.


  • Added mash infusion calculator.


  • Added hydrometer temperature correction.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented password reset emails from being sent.


  • Updated recipe ranking algorithm.


  • Updated recipe ranking algorithm.
  • Fixed a frontend bug which prevented units from displaying in some certain circumstances.
  • Return a 404 instead of raising an exception when a group is requested which does not exist.
  • Fixed a frontend bug which caused a recipe’s ancestry page to crash in certain circumstances.


  • Updated recipe ranking algorithm.
  • Swap ‘min’ display for ‘days’ for dry hops in recipe editor.
  • Fixed a bug in the percent of grist display on the recipe editor.


  • Reintroduced recipe scaling by batch size.
  • Added missing partial which caused a user’s notifications page in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed lots of CSS issues.


  • Automatic conversion of recipes to metric is back! If you set your preferred measurement system to metric in your account settings, recipes you view will be displayed in metric units.


  • Hop form now affects utilization. Expect to see 8% less utilization for plug hops and 10% less utilization for whole leaf hops.
  • Added Dingemans malts.


  • Fixed a bug in the BeerXML importer.


  • Per-hop addition display of IBUs.



  • Updates to global activity stream.


  • Redesigned homepage.
  • Global activity stream.
  • Tweaked mash water calculator to be usable by non-authenticated users, outside of a specific recipe.
  • Added the alcohol calculator, automatically convert between gravity and brix, calculate ABW and ABV, and calculate final brix based on a refractometer reading (compensating for alcohol).


  • Tweaked the brew logs to be easier to navigate and edit on mobile devices.


  • Added automatic evaporation rate calculation to the brew logs.


  • Added brew log summary data (OG, FG, and ABV) to the recipe show view.


  • Fixed a bug in the activity stream display on the dashboard and your profile.


  • Fixed a bug in the unit conversions on the brew log form.


  • Finally fixed a bug that was causing older mobile phones to crash on the recipe views.
  • Fixed a bug preventing IE users from adding fermentables.
  • Fixing a number of bugs in mobile & desktop Safari.
  • Updated brew log display.
  • Added the ability to filter recipes by extras.
  • Updated recipe print stylesheet to show more recipe info.
  • Fixed some minor display bugs.


  • Updated brew logs to have way more information.
  • Added time zone support. Timestamps are now displayed in your local time zone, provided you’re logged in and you’ve set your time zone in your profile.
  • Added mash water calculations.
  • Added color conversions.
  • Added malt potential calculations.


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t see variants of your own recipes.
  • Launched the Brewtoad store.
  • Fixed some minor display bugs.


  • Updated recipe print stylesheet to work better as a shopping list.
  • Added percent of total grist weight display to recipe show view.
  • Updates to how draft recipes are handled. Brewers are now more limited in what they can do with draft recipes.
    Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 6.52.17 AM
  • Recipes can no longer be unpublished (moved from published back to draft status) if they have activity (comments, variants, cheers, etc.).
  • Your recipes now appear in your activity stream.
  • Recipe create activities are now created when publishing recipes which were previously saved as a draft.


  • Brew logs!
  • Overhauled dashboard.
  • Improved site navigation.


  • Running a script which recalculates all recipe’s properties. Previously, a few ingredients were miscategorized, resulting in incorrect properties being calculated. This script will fix that. NOTE: Editing your recipe and saving it without changes should also resolve this issue, just in case you don’t want to wait for the script to finish.


  • Updated ingredient searching. You can now search for fermentables by fermentable name or maltster name. You can now search for yeasts by yeast name, laboratory name, or product ID.
  • Product ID for yeasts (e.g., WLP001) is now displayed in the search results of the quick edit dropdowns.
  • Fixed a couple broken column sorts on the fermentables browser.


  • Added Muntons LME and DME.
  • Automatic unit conversion for logged in brewers on the recipe show views had to be temporarily disabled to allow for some fragment caching. Don’t worry, this feature will return ASAP.
  • Added a validation which prevents publishing recipes without a yeast, or with an ABV greater than 30%. This validation is not enforced on draft recipes.
  • Added potential and color validation on fermentables. Updated existing fermentables where those properties were out of range. Allowed range for potential is 0.000 to 1.047 (pure sucrose). Allowed range for color is 0 °L to 1000 °L.
  • Added Boortmalt grains.


  • Performance improvements in recipe searching, particularly when searching by ingredient.
  • Added Great Western malts.


  • Fixed a bug which prevented some recipes with malformed mash steps from loading.
  • Substantial performance improvements on the recipe index.
  • Added the malt potential extract calculator, a tool which allows you to calculate the extract potential of your malts using the dry basis coarse grind (DBCG) and dry basis fine grind (DBFG) values from a malt analysis sheet.


  • CSS updates to site header.
  • Added the color converter, a tool to easily convert between SRM, EBC, and °L.


  • Updated ingredient management views. They now display the name of each recipe which uses a given ingredient, instead of just the number of recipes. - Chromium-1
  • Performance improvements to brewer index, recipe index, and recipe show views.


  • Speed improvements in the recipe ranking algorithm.
  • Fixed slugification bug.


  • Dramatically improved the quality of the recipe ranking algorithm.
  • Hit 170,000 public recipes this evening!


  • Fixed three bugs related to top up water. One where users with metric as their preferred units were unable to create recipes, another related to creating variants, and finally an issue with the client-side details table validation.


  • Added support for partial boils by entering top up water.
  • Imported over 30,000 accounts and 170,000 recipes from Hopville.


  • Added a ton of new fermentables and extras.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented adding more than one custom ingredient on the dashboard ingredient pages.
  • Added draft status for recipes.
  • Multithreaded user and recipe rankings.
  • Fixed a redirect bug when deleting recipes.
  • Added support for full textual mash step import from Hopville (pushed into the (temporarily) read-only brew logs)
  • Updated the Hopville importer to create user sign up, recipe create, and recipe comment activities with the correct timestamps.


  • Recipe fermentables are now sorted by use, and then by weight.
  • Added initial backend support for brew logs.
  • Unauthenticated users now see recipes as entered instead of converted to US Customary.
  • Added fluid ounces to the list of available units for recipe extra amounts.
  • Better formatting of converted weights and volumes.
  • Fixed a bug where some recipe comment dates would display incorrectly.


  • Automatic ordering of mash steps.
  • Smarter slugification of recipe names.
  • Added a bunch of Bairds malts.
  • Fixed a couple minor styling issues.
  • Added a website field to user profiles.
  • Added the ability for imported Hopville users to change their username.
  • Added the ability to change your email address.
  • Added comments, and full metric support to the Hopville importer.


  • Launched Brewtoad Blog.
  • Fixed a bug related to submitting comments.
  • Added ability to combine duplicate ingredients in the user dashboard.
  • Updated the search results page to be more useful
  • Misc. display bugs.
  • Added fermentable, hop, and yeast support to Hopville importer.


  • Added code to automatically rehash Hopville user passwords using the more secure bcrypt algorithm on log in.
  • Initial support for importing Hopville recipes.


  • Substantial client-side performance improvements in the recipe editor.
  • Mash steps.
  • Automatic ingredient scaling when changing your batch size.
  • Automatic boil size calculation based on boil time and evaporation rate.
  • Initial support for importing Hopville users.


  • Account deletion.
  • Updated BeerXML import and export.
  • Added fermentable use to recipe fermentable rows.
  • Ingredient amount normalization when viewing recipes (based on your preferred measurement system).
  • Initial framework for multithreaded Hopville importer.
  • Now runs on JRuby as well as MRI 1.9.


  • More pervasive use of measured values.
  • Misc. bug fixes.

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