The Creation of the Toad

June 26th, 2014, by Amy Blake

The idea of making a Brewtoad costume may have started as a joke, but when our Office Assistant, Lisa, and I were asked if a Brewtoad costume could be made for the National Homebrewer’s Conference in Grand Rapids, MI in June, we were definitely up for the challenge.

Lisa, the saving grace of this entire project, started doing some research on DIY mascot costumes. She had a vision and didn’t stray from her idea of constructing a usable costume. She found a helmet that seemed relatively simple to make so we ordered supplies and were ready to go. If you want to see the original tutorial Lisa found, please look at the Affordable Costume Tutorial.

This is the Brewtoad logo we were aiming for:


After 6 weeks of crafting, cutting and gluing, our toad was complete. The mascot costume turned out great (it’s a super glue miracle!) and made the trek to the National Homebrewer’s Conference! Below are some pictures of the process and construction of the costume.



Creating the shape of the helmet, using insulation foam board.


 Cutting out the bottom of the foam board piece by piece.


After gluing together all the pieces, we shaved the helmet into a circular
shape using a hot knife.


The final helmet shape before adding eyes and fabric.


 A 9-volt battery operated fan was added to assist with cooling in the costume.


 Finished eyes for the toad, using styrofoam balls and fleece fabric.


Fabric assembly and spacing before the final adhesive was used.


 The helmet fits!


 The toad having a great time at the National Homebrewers Conference.


We’d like to thank everyone who helped collaborate on this project. Cheers!