Fermentable Usage Statistics

November 21st, 2013, by Kyle (Backend Dev)

One of the hardest problems when designing a homebrew recipe is knowing which ingredients are appropriate for the style you’re brewing, and how much of those ingredients to use.

In the past, the best way to answer these questions was to survey a number of recipes and look for similarities.

At Brewtoad, we’re always thinking about how to make homebrewing easier. We think fermentable usage statistics are a long overdue step in that direction.

We’ve chewed through over 200,000 recipes and analyzed the usage rates of every fermentable in our database and broken that data out by style. We’ve also identified which fermentables are suitable for use as base malts.

Fermentable Usage Statistics

This new feature lets you answer questions like “what are the most common specialty grains in an American Amber Ale?” and “what is the maximum amount of roasted barley I can use in a Dry Stout?”

We’ve also integrated this data into the recipe ranking algorithm, so recipes with fermentable usage rates which better fit the usage statistics will rank better thank those which do not.

Look forward to similar usage statistics for hops in the near future.