Brewtoad’s New Recipe Editor

October 2nd, 2013, by Kyle (Backend Dev)

Here’s a sneak peek at Brewtoad’s new recipe editor.

We’ve been working hard on streamlining the user interface and making custom ingredients easier to work with, and while this video doesn’t necessarily reflect the final design, it’s pretty close.

So we want to throw something out there and get some feedback.

Design Screenshots

A more detailed blog post describing some of the new features we’re rolling out in the coming weeks is in the works, but for now, here’s a high level summary of what’s changing:

Generic Fermentables

The way we currently handle fermentables has a few issues. We receive quite a few reports of missing fermentables, and quite a few users have been confused about how to add their own custom ingredients. We also don’t have a reliable way to group like-fermentables. This limits our ability to determine, for example, what the average usage rate for US Caramel 60L, irrespective of the maltster.

Also, many brewers simply don’t care which specific malt they’re using. While caramel 60L from the US is certainly different than its UK equivalent, the differences between Briess and Rahr caramel 60L, for example, are much more subtle.

We believe that generic fermentables solve these problems nicely.

Now, instead of being forced to choose a specific malt from a specific maltster, you can choose its generic equivalent.

Of course, we’re still making the old custom, maltster-specific fermentables available for those of you who have more specific preferences. In fact, we’re adding even more ways to customize your recipe’s ingredients…

Everything can be Customized

Another common request we’re happy to finally address is the ability to customize the ingredients you’ve added to your recipe.

In the past, changing the PPG, color, or other properties of a fermentable required that you create a brand new custom ingredient. This is no longer the case. Now you can change any property of any fermentable, right from the recipe editor.

And this doesn’t just apply to fermentables, almost every property of every ingredient can now be directly modified. You can even create completely custom, one-off ingredient rows.

Lean and Mean

The recipe editor has been rewritten from the ground up to be smaller, faster, and easier to extend. This means faster, more frequent updates and fewer bugs.

Mobile Friendly

The new recipe editor will work as well on mobile phones and tablets as it does on laptops and desktops.


Love the new design? Think you’ve got better ideas? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!