Brewtoad is taking over Hopville

May 1st, 2013, by Chris (Frontend Dev)

Dear Hopville Brewers,

We are excited to announce that, an innovative homebrewing web and mobile application, has acquired Soon, you will be able to connect with over 40,000 brewers and explore over 150,000 recipes. In a couple weeks, your Hopville accounts and recipes will be available on Brewtoad.

“All of Hopville’s key features, functionality and all recipes will be migrated to Brewtoad. The overall user-experience is going to be incredible.”  – Hopville President Todd Gehman

Brewtoad is committed to providing a seamless transition while maintaining all of Hopville’s core features and functionality, available free of charge.

Brewtoad is under active development and we’re excited to continue rolling out new features and functionality to enhance the homebrewing experience.

Stay tuned for additional updates… Cheers!